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Spoilers for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann )
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[The video feed comes up with Kamina on the other side of a checker board, eying the pieces carefully as the thick clouds threaten to rain outside. Scattered about the lobby in the background is pretty much his entire team, except Gurren, who's presumably the one recording all this. And for those wondering how a massive sea serpent fits into a background shot like this? Look outside through the window and at the pool. Yup. That's a Gyarados splashing around like it was in a bathtub. A fairly young-looking Spearow is roosting happily on the backrest of Kamina's chair while his Drifloon casually floats to and fro.]

Tch... I've got no fuckin' clue how this game's supposed to make me better at thinkin' in a battle.

[Panning the camera down at the board, it looks like Kamina's red and Gurren is black... and the Typhlosion seems to be winning. This prompts a fit of snickering from the Pokémon as he seems to simply be amused with his trainer's annoyance.]
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Oi, kid?

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[The video flickers on with Kamina walking through some woods. Compared to the last anyone might have seen of him, the infamous leader of the Dai Gurren Dan is looking significantly better -well rested and in his usual high spirits, complete with that smirk that's just a little shy of arrogant.]

So after all that crap that happened before we ducked through that cave, I was readin' that book I came here with and it was sayin' that Dark-types are immune to ghosts and those mind-reader-type-bastards. I gotta bag one before somethin' like that goes down again -I mean, hell! Anyone got ANY idea how little sleep I got?!

[Seemingly pleased to get that off his chest, he addresses the camera once more.]

So yeah, the map says we're comin' up on Azelea pretty soon.

[He props his glasses back up on the bridge of his nose, the sunlight reflecting off the shiny material.]

Before me an Gurren drop in an kick the gym leader's ass, anyone from the Dai Gurren Dan already in-town? I haven't seen or heard a damn thing from half of 'em since I kicked that Falkner-bastard's ass!
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Just keeping everyone in the loop, the great Kamina-sama's mun is NOT dead or dropping from R29. He's just still... moving. Internet's still not up at the new place, so my access is sporadic at best. So I'm still alive and I'll be posting again regularly once all that happens, but yeah... still gonna be kinda quiet on my end for a little bit.

Until I do return, Kamina's off leveling and trying to get the Spearow from Melfina's egg up to snuff with the rest of his team. Also, Yoko's mun has god-mod rights on him 'till such a time as I get back. Which should be soon.

I think that's it. See ya again later everyone!
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[For once when the video flickers on at the edge of Violet City, it seems Kamina's holding the PokéGear himself.]



[While the rest of the residents around seem to be in an exceptional panic, Kamina looks more psyched up than anything. He hastily pans the camera view to show the crystallized growth and the trail it seems to follow.]

I did some pokin' around and some buncha wusses running into town said some ruins were in the direction this shit's comin' from! I don't know what the hell's goin' on with it, but this kinda thing calls for BURNING FIERY SPIRITS to fix it! So get yer asses over here and let's move out!

[The Drifloon he caught the other day lazily floats by, prompting an annoyed expression.]


[What a way to end a video... yelling at a Drifloon.]
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[It's late in the evening. And by that, we mean that it's actually really early in the morning around the edges of Violet City. Panting from being out of breath and crouched over is Kamina with Aqua Man off to his side and Gurren looking entirely exhausted from whatever happened.

What did happen, you ask? Good question.

Well for anyone that was in the town earlier, they might have seen the mighty, bad-ass leader of the Dai Gurren Dan taking lunch with his group when that swarm of Drifloons happened through. So to make a long story short, many lunches were stolen and Kamina has a track record of not liking anything taken from him. So around the town, he spent the rest of the day up and until about fifteen minutes ago running through the city in hot pursuit of the Drifloon that had taken his specific entree.

This chase was particularly troublesome for the residents, but thankfully most of them were too busy with the swarm to contend with a trainer running around town screaming obscenities with his little fire-breather on his head. At least he had the consideration to NOT let Aqua Man loose for this until he'd chased the swarm as far as the outskirts of town.

So now the trainer and his Pokémon sat in a tired huddle -it looks like Gurren's apparently the camera-poké again as the image focuses on the swirly-eyed balloon pokémon in the center of their little gathering... in a pool of slobber.

Suddenly a familiar capturing device is casually tossed, absorbing the offender into it without any further fuss.]

Heh... *pant* *pant* -showed you fer takin' MY lunch, ya little bastard... now what am I gonna name ya?
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[It's been an oddly uneventful past few days since the newly formed Dai Gurren Dan set off from Cherrygrove City, a majority of the team feeling rather pleased to finally be done with the town. It had been a leisurely trip so far, a good many of the campfire gatherings at night spent making sure the group was properly acquainted with each other and much of the day not spend walking, keeping everyone's battling skills in check.

As far as Kamina was concerned, Violet would be a speed bump where the group would stomp whoever the gym leader was and then they'd be off to the next town beyond that. Violet was as far as he'd heard anyone he knew had gotten and the prospect of what lay beyond that continued to excite him more with each passing day.

Which brought the group this this particular evening. The video feed shows Kamina reclining against a tree, Gurren asleep and draped across his shoulders while his cape had apparently been bundled into a make-shift pillow that he was cushioning his head with.]

Ain't gonna be long now.

Tch, so we're gettin' close to Violet City. The whole throw-down against the gym leader's gettin' me all psyched up. What the hell's this guy like, anyway? I've fought a buncha different guys an their partners -some of 'em use some pretty damn annoying tricks. Does this guy use any?

Oh yeah, if yer gettin' this Bridget, there anything cool to catch around there?
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[Well, it's been a little more than a week since our hero had his first run-in with the law. And though he didn't really see eye-to-eye with the authorities initially, he's at least made some sort of an uneasy peace with them. At least it was enough to get both him and Gene out of holding without having to throw down with a mob of police anytime he got near a town. Of course, nothing comes for free and he did break the law. So if you happened by the Cherrygrove Pokémon Center*, you probably saw something like this at some point.

Anyway, with his time served now, the video flickers on near the edge of Cherrygrove. It's the early afternoon and the relatively infamous(At least by now) bastard is waiting at the edge of town. His cape is fluttering in the breeze, the Pokéball with Aqua Man is on his belt while presumably his Quilava is steadying the PokéGear's camera on him.]

Yo! Anyone lookin' to join up with the Dai Gurren Dan better get their asses to the start of Route 30! I'll give anyone wantin' to join up an hour to show up!

See ya there!

[And with that, the feed cuts out.]

[OOC Notes: I haven't seen any official announcements with the weather lately, so I'm assuming for sunny -on the warm side, but nothing really bad.]
*The FAQ says the Inn or scrubbing sewers, so since there's not really an Inn, I assume the Pokémon Center? I'll edit as needed if a correction is required.
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[The video feed flickers on to show Kamina in a well-lit prison cell. The camera pans around to show the gray brick walls and the man himself, sitting cross-legged in the center of the room with his head propped up in his hand and looking about as pissed as a Gyarados.]

Heh, I'm surprised they let ya keep that.

[Presumably operating the PokeGear is the Quilava, who eventually just props the device up against a wall before darting up his trainer's side and making himself at home on his shoulder.]

Huh, so they took Aqua Man and most of my stuff.

Who'da figured they'd get this bent outta shape over just a row boat?

[He gets up, scratching the side of his head, looking quizzically at the cell around him.]

Tch, what a pain.


Jul. 6th, 2010 03:06 pm
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[The video flickers in amidst the rain and it seems that Kamina is outside in a tall tree. The expression on his face looks like he's bored half to death and while Gurren can be seen curled up beneath his cape.]

Tch, how much longer is this shit gonna keep up?

This rain crap wasn't too bad at first -it was even kinda cool. But I can't do a damn thing with the whole damn route like this!

[As the video fades out, there's a burbling from the water nearby.]
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[The video flickers on to show some section of forest, presumably just a little ways into Route 30 around late afternoon. However unlike much of the lush greenery around it, this immediate area bears dozens of scorch marks, a few of which are visibly smoldering.]

Heh, take a look at all that!

[Scenery whizzes by before the camera comes to a stop, settling on a pile of at least a half-dozen or so Beedrill, none of which seem to be doing anything other than twitching.]

Went through most of our potions and a couple antidotes we picked up, but at least these guys here ain't gonna be doin' anything soon!

[Off-camera, there's a flare-up, significantly brighter than usual for his little fire mouse. Practically predicting the curiosity that any viewers might have, the video pans to the right and angles downward. Sitting there and looking rather tired, but almost smirking itself is a Quilava, its flames almost rhythmically fluttering from low to high as it breathes.

The image pans around again as the cameraman turns the feed on himself, revealing Kamina's bordering on arrogant smirk.]

Gurren freakin' evolved! It was awesome! He's lookin' more kinda... long, instead of mousey or anything like that, but takin' those bugs on one after another.

[He chuckles.]

He's pickin' up on me! He's got some guts there!

[As soon as he says that, Gurren can be seen somewhat tiredly clamoring up and sprawling across Kamina's shoulders to sleep.]

Heh, guess some things ain't gonna change about him.

[The feed cuts off, apparently having timed out.]


Jun. 17th, 2010 11:55 am
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[The video feed flickers on, there's some random burn marks on the sand as the image focuses and reveals a helplessly flopping red fish on the ground.]

What the hell is this?
It starts. )


Jun. 16th, 2010 10:41 pm
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[The video feed flickers on early-afternoon in Cherrygrove, there's an actually tired-looking Kamina looking into the camera.]

Tch, did one of those little plant-buggers gimmie a dose of one of those weird drugs that makes ya think things or somethin'?

I've been all over this damn place since I got here last night and no one's seen a place that collapsed or anything like that. Was that kid on the comm some kinda dream?

[He scratches his head a little before heaving a tired sigh.]

Screw this. Kid, if yer seein' this, drop me a line.

I'm gonna find the Poke'mon Center and crash for a few hours. Gurren needs some rest and I just bolted for a couple hours in the rain. And while that shit's kinda interestin', it's a pain to run in. And then we've been doin' all this searching... I'm beat.

If anyone else is still runnin' around here, I'm gonna be chillin' for a day or so. The book I've got says I should have more than one little bugger runnin' with me. So I'm probably gonna go catch somethin' when I get up.

[It's an uncharacteristic show of him actually being tired, but he flicks off the feed without further notice or comment.]


Jun. 13th, 2010 12:58 pm
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[There's a quiet beep as the recorder clicks on.]

Heh, it's really something. I only saw a world without a ceiling a few weeks ago and now a whole different sky's overhead.

[The voice chuckles a little as something else offers a confused squeak.]

Oi! Oi! Pipe down, Gurren. We got more walkin' and stuff ahead of us tomorrow. Either get some sleep or learn to do somethin' with that fire that pops outta yer back!

[There's an indignant squeak.]

Tch, fine. Ya wanna sleep on my head?

[After a couple moments, there's a significantly happier squeak.]

Huh, I wonder how Simon an Yoko are doin'...

[Recorder clicks off.]
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